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Improvements made to the site

Changes made

I have made some major changes to the back end of things for the site.  I am aware that there were some log-in issues with everyone and I even had them myself.  I have since resolved that. You will see some difference as well.

Below are the main improvements:

  • Login issue has been resolved
  • You can now edit your profile and include a mug shot of yourself if you should so desire. :)  
  • Starting now, you can subscribe to the posts made to this site through your e-mail.
  • There is more flexibility in the way things are built.  
  • ​FASTER ​server.  I worked with the web host to obtain a faster server, now running on a SSD, which improves response time.  It is also located on the west coast in Los Angeles which makes the connection time faster for us here on the west coast! 

I hope that everyone enjoys the changes and visits often!
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Turnip45 on Monday, 28 May 2018 09:57

:always enjoy your posts. Glad sign in issues are resolved!

:always enjoy your posts. Glad sign in issues are resolved!