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The heat killed my fan!

It has been hot in the Portland metro area just like it has been for the rest of the country.  We have not been any exception to the weather and that is all well and good.   Last week, we hit highs close to 110° and then later in the week, mid 90's.  Pretty much we have stayed cool with the help of our portable A/C and two fans, a box fan at the end of the hall near the bedroom where the A/C is blowing out of to "Throw" the heat down the hall, and then an oscillating fan which helped distribute the cooler air.

This morning, I turned on the fan before I left for work set it to medium speed amd left.  Mandy came home and and the osicillating fan is no longer working, it is remote control and has a control panel that lights up, but the motor itself, is dead.  After disassembling it and removing the inbuilt dust that is attracted ot it that you never see becuase it is sucked in tightly into the windings, it still does not work.  I guess it is time to lay it to rest.

This has produced a major difference in the temperature in the apartment, with our lone box fan pushing air as best as it can, it isn't doing enough, and it is a much warmer now.  With my payday 1 week from now, this will be interesting.


Doctors....I don't know what to say...
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