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Sick and tired

Since Friday, I have been fighting a bad cold of sorts which has taken out my office and co-workers for days at a time.  At the very start of it, I had a raw throat and came home mid shift because talking on the phone for a living and sore throats just do not mix well.   I immediately hit it head on with copious amounts of Echniacea and Vitamin C to head off the impending attack on my body.  This usually shortens the length of an average cold I might have to be around 1 day or so out of 4 that it would normally last.  Today, marks day 5 of this stuff.   I keep dosing with the stuff and overall, I know it has helped quite a bit, and am hoping to be rid of this stuff soon. 

I woke up this morning as I have for the last few days with a bad sinus headache, sharp pains in my sinuses.  I can usually get rid of that within an hour of waking as was my plan before work.  I did not have a chance to get fully dressed before I had a rapid sneeze attack 5 in a row very violent sneezes.   Strained my throat some and totally set my nose up for running.   I knew then - that I would not be making it into work.  I stayed home Monday because I was not feeling good, went yesterday, and then today, am out.  Yesterday, was sort of iffy for me physically, but I pushed through.   Every day around 3pm, I totally am drained and ready to sleep and have done so for most of the weekend and Monday. 

I hope to be able to get past this ASAP!  This is one tough virus that has hit but I am tougher!

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