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Unfair landlord practices

Last fall, we got a notice about this, but also got one today via e-mail.  It looks like our apartment complex is getting ready to put a hammer down soon.

Dear Valued Residents, 
 Now that the weather is getting warmer we want to remind everyone of the policy change we made in the fall. We will no longer be allowing window AC units. This is a decision our company has made to protect the windows and siding which, as many of you know, we just replaced a couple of years ago. You of course may still use the AC units with the hose attachment. 
 Here are a few recommendations for portable or free standing A/C units that have good reviews and can be purchased in stores or online:
  • Sunpentown SF-608R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler ; $98.50
    • Carried on Amazon.com; Target, and Home Depot
  • LG LP1111WXR 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner – 9.2 EER; $100.00
    • Carried on eBay.com
  • Honeywell 15-Pint Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler ; $115.99
    • Carried at Walmart, Target, and Home Depot
  • NewAir – Portable Evaporative Cooler ; $199.95
    • Carried at Walmart and on Jet.com
  • LG Electronics 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier; $279.00
    • Carried at Home Depot    

 We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation about this change. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to the leasing office. 
 Thank you, 

Our mailing address is:


I do not think they realize just how humid it gets here in Portland.  They ask us to buy room cooling air conditioners.  So, if you follow the list they provided, each one of them except for the most expensive one works best in lower humidity environments.   Let's take a look at the humidity here on average for  July in the greater Portland area:


I will let you look at that link and then come back.   If you are reading this today, you will see that humidity here is pretty high and it is warm right now.   Something that should change tomorrow to rain and back to the mid 50's which I am looking forward to.

To effectively cool our apartment, we will need to purchase at least two units, one for the front of the apartments and then one for the back, let's not count the other bedroom which turns into an oven in the summer, so three probably at this point.   As our complex sees fit to charge for water, adding more water to our new cooling units they want us to have will only increase the overall cost which is shared between all residents. 

The most expensive unit covers about 200ft ' assuming we all are in an unobstructed square box!  Factor in walls, furniture, cabinets etc, this greatly can reduce the amount of coverage.  This is where we would need to purchase more to even cover the bases.  The property management company has been known to produce really odd rules about things.  If they see your indoor cat outside because maybe fluffy escaped, you are hit with a $50 fine for each day they see poor little fluffy!   All vehicles must be parked nose into the stalls, no exceptions!   Two things I know, but honestly, for at least fluffy's case, once, you get a warning, twice, then you get the fine!

Our lease ends this November, and we have already decided to move out of here before they produce yet another rent increase and more rules and regulations to abide by, some of which if you read our lease agreement, mirror what you might find in a Home Owner's Association handbook.  

Because of the prescriptions I take, the heat is something that I can only handle for a short time - a day or two max, but anymore than that and it starts to make me ill.  I am debating on obtaining a medical certificate or letter from my doctors to see if we can get an exception to this rule.  Along the lines of health, the report below indicates that high humidity also can cause health issues:


In short, those with compromised immune systems or those with weaker than normal (Chidlren, Elderly, Folks with certain conditions), this may increase the amount of sickness this summer.

Over the last two summers here in Portland, we have been able to keep the place mostly cool with the help of fans and a window air conditioner which we have worked for months 24/7 to keep the temps here roughly in the high 70's.   At night, we would open the patio door, put our fan in the way and blow cool air in at night as long as it was cool.    Other times, exhausting the hot air from here was the only option.

When will property management companies learn that they can overdo their expectations when they do not even live here themselves.  Surely, they'd realize pretty quickly how hot it gets here and then would probably reverse the rules.

I'm off now to find a cool place to hide until it cools down tonight!

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