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Post Surgical Cough Blues


​A few weeks post surgery where they removed the upper right lobe of my lung and a small part of the lung to remove the cancerous tumour, I have had a cough which has been nagging.  Having read enough web sites including the American Cancer Society web site,  I knew this was a post surgical cough.  Gradually, over the period of a week, I could feel pain starting in my lung area which I knew to be aggravation of the tissue in my chest walls.  I decided to take an over the counter cough suppressant.  This worked for about a week, but the cost of the bottle, was getting to be a bit too much.  My cough had become progressively more present while working and I found myself hitting the mute button on the phone to hide it from my customers sometimes even not making my hand or mouse cursor to the mute button before I had to cough.  It got to the point that I emailed my surgeon's office and was able to get a prescription for my cough. 

Now, let me tell you that this is not the same cough that plagued me prior to surgery, it is more pronounced.  When I asked the surgeon about this, I was told that this is to be expected.  It hasn't been totally explained to me up until now, but the act of removing the portion of the lung, plus removing a few lymph nodes, irritation of these areas is enough to cause the urge to cough.  I have been told that the recovery time from this can be anywhere from a few weeks to more than a year in terms of the cough.   The prescription has been beneficial, but not 100% effective.  I have noticed that talking does cause it to flare up more, but not as much as it would without the prescription. 

I hope to be able to push past this point in the near future!

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Turnip45 on Tuesday, 17 July 2018 14:19

Hope this gets resolved soon! You can do it! Got the determination!

Hope this gets resolved soon! You can do it! Got the determination!