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Recovery Progress Weeks 2-3

When I wrote my last update, I was entering into my second week of recovery.  I am wanting to add an update to how things have been going for me.  

Weeks 2 and 3 have been better for me.  I started out with having less days of needing to sleep and more days of getiing around and making more walks to our mailbox which consists of going up a slight hill and walking across half the apartment complex.  I did this mostly every day and combined short shopping trips to the store.  All of this has helped me gain my strength in my lungs more.

Last Friday, I went to the surgeon's office for a follow up, and to have my stitches removed.  Before doing this, they took a chest X-ray and then I was seen.  The process to remove the stiches was super quick, I was given a bill of clean health and now am going to be undergoing monitoring every three months through a CT scan of my lungs to spot any changes.

This week, I started going back to work.  Yesterday, I worked full time and it was not hard on my body at all.  The shift was easy and I received several "Welcome back Keith!" from different co-workers.  Last night, I woke up completely soaked in sweat.  I go through occasional night sweats and this is one of the more extreme times.  This morning, I took a shower and was completly wiped out and was sweating for about an hour after, so I stayed home from work as a precaution.  

For the night sweats and other things, I am scheduled to see a endocrinologist in June where I will have things checked out with my system.

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