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Happy New Year!!!


Another year has passed and we are confidently saying "Good Bye" to it and ready to move on to greener fields and pastures as this year comes to a beginning. 

Like many people, I have looked back on what this last year has brought to us and I must admit, it has been very ugly to us.  With the job change I had, my back causing some issues and the loss of both my job and home, we have had to endure more than our fair share of trials than anyone should ever have to endure.  It truly has been a test of our endurance and faith to say the least. 

I have chosen to keep moving forward into each day of this year and only look back just long enough to see how far I have come and not dwell in the troubles and heartaches it had given unto us.

Please join me in this effort and we can all have a great 2015!

Observations of being in a new city
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