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???Who reads these posts???

It seems like I am the only one who uses this site. 

Taking a look at my userbase which is not that many, the return rate to the site has been very dismal:

What you see above this is the list of total users I have on this site.  I personally have  3 on here, one as the site administrator (3rd one down in list), one for debugging purposes (1st one in list) and one to test permissions and one for emergency use (4th one down)if my administrative account password is lost as those are not able to be reset.  This means that there are 5 users.  Out of these 5 - not a single person has logged into the site in the last month. 

I want to remind everyone, that I depend on participation in the site, just logging in and commenting on the posts if you should desire to do so is all I ask.  I am not asking for anything else.  This helps me know that I am not wasting my words or time on this site. 

I have not brought this up, but I have kept registration open for quite some time and aside from the garbage registrations which consist of SPAM Bots, nobody legitimately has registered.   I have blocked/banned the SPAM bots to prevent future logins and have increased the site security to invisibly block them. 


Please take the time to reset it and come back to the site!

​I know some people have had some issues logging in, and this is why I have the social network login buttons. Those are meant to log you in without hassle.

I think summer is done :)
So...let's talk about not attending church


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